Every photographer is going to have his or her own signature style. And this style will more than likely be the by-product of another photographer whom you admire and appreciate their work or something that you have a passion for, that has now been incorporated into your photography work.

There is nothing wrong with either option, however, when one patterns their style after another photographer, you tend to limit your own growth. I say this because often times, we will try to emulate the work of another photographer and eventually just start copying their work all together. So, instead of you being unique, you become nothing more than a copy of the original photographer. 

I have a very good friend that also does photography work and his work is amazing. However, he's a more traditional photographer, and as such, he tends to shoot with the tools that traditional photographers shoot with. Me on the other hand, my background is that of filmmaking, so my style tends to lend itself in that direction.

I'll employ lighting techniques used on a film set, not a photography set. I'll edit and dress my talent from a filmmaker's point of view, especially when I'm doing shoots that involve action and dramatic images. Again, no one style is better than the other. However, when making your mark in the world of photography, it's always best to be a "one of a kind" photographer and not a modified version of someone else.